A friends wedding....

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing one of my oldest friends wedding and it was a perfect day!

 We arrived at their home in the morning, Kirsty the bride greeted us with a cup of tea and Paul the groom was also home as they were getting ready for their big day together, which was such a lovely idea and showed the sort of day that was approaching, relaxed, happy and memorable. I was more nervous than them when we arrived, they were both so calm, Kirsty was more worried about us and others and even made everyone lunch!

I asked Paul how he felt, he told me he didn’t feel nervous at all, as he was marrying someone he wants to be with for the rest of his life, so why should he be.

 Bernice Beaumont one of my favourite ever makeup and hair artists arrived and was totally amazing as always, they did not even have a trail and Bernice did Kirsty’s hair and makeup exactly how she wanted it with one take! She looked flawless!

 Paul was spending the morning making sure Theodora (Teddy) their 1 year old daughter had a nice nap ready for the busy day ahead while his lady was being pampered and he was on the sofa unable to move while Teddy slept on him for over an hour bless her. When she woke she saw her mummy and was fascinated by the gorgeous sparkly head piece in her hair.  Paul just had enough time to get on his suit and Kirsty straightened his tie and made sure he looked perfect, which was a great photo moment, before he had to get to the church where he would meet her at the end of the aisle, they kissed goodbye like any other normal day and he was off to get married.  

 The little bridesmaids were Kirsty's 3 nieces and of course her beautiful daughter Teddy who is literally one of the cutest kids I know! They wore pale pink dresses and had very cute wands with hearts on the ends that they could keep forever. Kirsty's nephew was an usher and looked very grown up in his pale blue suit! When the family arrived the bride helped all the kids get ready before getting on her dress for the final part of the morning.

It was so nice being part of the bridal preparations, I have known the Hyland’s for most of my life and it was lovely seeing them all together and being part of the excitement.

Kirsty’s Dad Terry arrived and was the most nervous out of everyone, he had spent most the morning finishing his speech which had a memory photo presentation and was an excellent speech later in the evening. While he waited he put the finishing touches on the families VW campervan which was the wedding car! We love VW Campers! 

 It was the big moment of the bride putting on her dress, it was stunning and just perfect for her, purchased from Bellissima in South-Woodham-Ferrers, it was a elegantly fitted Slim A-Line gown with a high tulle neckline overlaid with delicate lace with a sparkle belt and  falling layers of Crinkle Chiffon it had a show-stopping lace back and a long line of button. Kirsty asked me to do up for her small detailed buttons after her mum had done up a few as there were so many, they took me so long I had to have a break in-between but it was totally worth it and a moment I will never forget! The bride looked amazing and I managed to hold back the tears, even when my daughter Esmé saw her for the first time and said “look mummy, a princess” she really did look like a princess and was about to start her fairytale.

 The sun was shining and we arrived for their 4pm ceremony at the church on the hill in St Lawrence which had spectacular views and once again made me appreciate where we live in “the dengie” that little bit more! As Kirsty walked into the church doorway with her Dad she took some deep breaths and then walked up the aisle with a huge smile towards her Paul, who was waiting with pride for his future wife. During their hymns the bridesmaids were dancing in the church and enjoying every moment singing along, a beautiful ceremony and they were now Mr and Mrs Edwards.

 Outside the church on the beautiful warm sunny afternoon the new Mrs Edwards decided to traditionally throw her gorgeous bouquet, of course I went to catch it even though James and I are engaged! I was so worried about the bouquet and her beautiful flowers breaking that when it landed on the floor I panicked and picked it up to check it was ok, then looked up and realised that I was the one to “catch the bouquet” watch out James we may have to marry sooner than planned!

 We arrived at the Reception with the new Mr and Mrs after some love photos of the couple together, the venue was one of my favourite places The Parlour Cafe in Creeksea, such a cute venue in a lush location, it was beautifully decorated and had gorgeous flowers that matched the bouquet, button holes and corsages all done by local florists and their cake was to perfect to cut, with matching cupcakes and cake pops made by a popular local cake company called Pink Face.

They had a live singer called Bridie Douglas, she was brilliant and sang most of the evening creating a lovely relaxed atmosphere and then getting everyone dancing towards the end of the evening. Bridie sang their first dance “a thousand years” an absolute favourite and Kirsty, Paul and Teddy had a family first dance together.

Dad Terry requested a dance with the bride,  his youngest daughter and last to get married and they had a lovely father and daughter moment while we all held back some more happy tears.

 The newlyweds let us try some new photos outside in the late evening when it was dark, and James got to try out a new idea that looked awesome and totally had a unique modern look which you can see below. We also did some gorgeous photos of them both having a moment by the large outside festoon lights which set such a romantic scene and were some of my favourites.

 Our daughter Esmé was with us all day and it was so nice having a little dance with her and everyone in the evening, it was a small challenge watching our toddler while also photographing a wedding and being a guest, but also so fun having Esmé with us, despite all the sweets she eat she was such a good girl all day and waited for us to finish even though she was tired and made herself a little bed on the armchair inside! All of us had such a lovely time celebrating the day, it was so great seeing everyone, and seeing my friend so happy and complete, it was definitely one of my favourite days to remember!

 Congratulations Kirsty and Paul you truly are made for each other and it was such an honour to be your photographers for one of the most special days of your life! We definitely captured some amazing memories and we are so looking forward to showing them all to you!

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