Well what a Photo booth we had last at Christie and Robs wedding! As soon as we turned on the lights their guests were queuing up and taking some awesome photos! We love seeing the creative side of people of what they do with the props lol!

Our Photo booth is an open studio set up, we have some backdrop choices and man the camera so all our photos are of the highest quality! But we just struggle on a name, everyone knows Photobooth’s to be called just that but ours is not a booth! We have though of Party Studio, or Prop Party but people wouldn’t know what that means so we keep it simple and label it they way we all know and then explain how it is set up when someone enquires to book us, and the great thing is people prefer our set up, especially because we have SOOOO many props its hard to choose!

The other great thing about our “Party Studio” is that we do not print the photos, now for your guests they seem to like this is and it means they take alot more silly photos as they cannot see what they look like, and for our customers, well they get to see how silly their guests looked and how much fun they had at their event!

Our latest backdrop is very “out there” but we absolutely love it!! We cannot wait to purchase some more like this, and we have a sequin gold sparkly curtain to use next! We love our job!