Smashing up cakes!!!

So as you know Cake smash photo shoots have become EXTREMELY popular and we LOVE them and everything about them, especially the cakes!  We can’t think of a much better way of celebrating a first or second birthday than smashing a big cake! These are brilliant fun as there is no posing, no jumping around to get children to smile, it’s just all about their reactions to the yummy cake in front of them!

What I would give to be young and sit in front of a giant cake and basically smash it up and eat all the good stuff then throw the rest where ever I please!!

We offer inside and outside Cake smash sessions and they both have different looks, obviously outside ones are just for the warmer days and the baby wipes are definitely nearby! And inside would be in our home based studio and there is normally a trail of icing from the studio set to our bathroom where the kids get to have a quick bath if needed. When the customers go our little dogs love this as they get to eat up any crumbs we miss cleaning up, this is probably another reason why they are obese!

People always worry about their cake, but personally we love the handmade or supermarket bought ones as they barely get eaten as it always seems like such a waste of deliciousness.

We love to do newborn shoots and have new parents rebook us for a 1st birthday Cake smash and then a year later see the kids sitting up and eating cake seeming so grown up in a blink of an eye, it’s an awesome privilege to document these milestones for families.

I have to talk about our last Cake smash around two weeks ago for a cute nearly 1 year old called Phoebe! Some kids are not too sure about what to do with this large treat all to themselves, they wait for someone to tell them not to touch it or not to eat too much, and when we start to break the cake up ourselves they realise how yummy it is or they can’t bare getting the mess on their cute little fingers, but Phoebe she was an expert she just went for it, it was definitely the definition of SMASHING, she eat as much as she could and had the biggest smile when we gave her the spoon to make mess with! Even her parents let us take some photos of them all together and getting messy which was very fun, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO PHOEBE you were a star!!

We can’t wait for the next Cake smash shoot soon!