Our names are James Knights and Emily Day. (yes that is a true fact and massive coincidence) We specialise in alternative wedding, lifestyle  and portrait photography in Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Wales and anywhere you would like us to go. We have a daughter called Esmé Isabella Day-Knights who is 5 and a son called Forrest Fox who is  1 years old. Two cats called Lilly and Lottie and two dogs called Bentley and Harley. That’s us above being our usual selves and a family photo of the four of us below.We live in a small cute town called Burnham on Crouch and have a pretty simple life. We are also engaged and due to marry one day in this world. Day and Knight Photography came to life around 2011 and we have just climbed up very quickly every since! We put a lot of hard work and determination into our photography putting our own style on everything we do. Our main focus is to capture the emotion and feelings that make those photos unique to you. We love to shoot alternative, modern weddings and show our creative side with some fun shots of you and your guests as well as capturing forever memories and the happiness that make the day special to you, without pausing it in any way. 

"Hi I’m Emily, the cuter, shorter half of James and also the boss AND ADMIN .I talk a lot especially when I am excited about something. I love a decent cuppa, making new friends, falling off my snowboard, icecream and chips with gravy. I use to live in Canada, James proposed to me there and I said no in a shock panic but did mean yes. Our daughter & Son are my world and make me smile every day. I love my fiancé he makes me laugh and I am obsessed with our little family."

"Hi I’m James, the taller and hairy other (Better) half of Emily. I am the photographer and editor and also the quiet one . I like making people laugh, and have a thing for cats. I love snowboarding, all music, watching movies, playing outdoors, cake and crisps and dip. I am more of a big kid than our daughter Esmé and our son Forrest who are pretty much the two things in this world i adore. I proposed to my bestfriend a few years back on holiday in Canada on top of a mountain and she pretty much said no but meant yes ........I think. Thats pretty much it!! SCADOOSH!